15 March 2008


And do you think only people can be EMO? Think again, even animals can be EMO like this photo i've found. yeah!

Summer is here

Ohh. what the? summer is already here. I can't wait to go home in our province. yeah! Hi to every one. hope your summer will be cool and i think hot especially all the Filipinos. Summer na talaga, kaya ang sobrang init ng panahon. I will be gone I think for two weeks and I can't update my blog for that time so, all you guys out there who wants to have xlinks, just leave your message and i'll add your links up when I'll get back. Thanks guys, enjoy your summer. Ciao!

My Sacrifice

I'd rather die with full of love than to die lonely and being hated. Sacrifice things for the one you love and make them happy. But if your sacrifice is not worth it so why do such things for them.