23 February 2008

Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars

Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars, a game where you will surely enjoy playing over and over again. This game totally rocks. I've played previous versions of C & C but this new C & C 3 really is a good game, for it has a very good quality of graphics and it seems more realistic.

Moreover, C & C 3 has a new group or team that you can select on the battle field. Before there were only I think two teams, NOD and GDI, but now there are already three teams. Still there is NOD, GDI, and the latest team is the Scrin which is also powerful because of its awesome army and cool machinery. This team is very different from the old two teams because it's more like alien type of army they have.

If you are a gamer who likes strategy a lot, this game is for you.

Being a Contingent Friend

It is really hard when you're just a contingent friend to your friends. In a sense that only you who gives value to your friendship. It feels like your friends only looks for you or interact with you only when they need something or has a favor. It's like you're just being used by them, make you feel that you're a part of them but in reality its not.

Your friends can go on with their lives whether or not you exist in there presence. For example, one day in school, together with your "friends"; they let you feel that your there, you are part of the group during conversations and etc. but after they can get what they want they start not to give attention and just ignore you even though you are in front of them.

Another example is that your friends know that you would go with them and take lunch,and you said to them that they will wait for you because you need to finish up some things; maybe it could take around 5-10 minutes. And when you're just about to finish what you are doing you found out that your friends had left already for lunch. That sucks right? you're just being left behind and made you a fool. What kind of friends are they?

This example clearly states that your friends does not really care whether you are there or not and does not give value to your friendship.