07 March 2008

Zenni Optical

Do you have problems with regards to your vision? Do you already have the right pair of eyeglasses? Well, I present to you Zenni Optical. They offer a variety of eyeglasses for as low as $8 you already have your own pair of eyeglasses. Don’t be confused with their frames because they have the best frames for your glasses, with fashion and style.

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06 March 2008

dead tired

After all the overnights that we had, all the hard works and sacrifices we've made, 2nd semester is almost ending. one week more to go and we're done. But I think for us IM3 students the semester will not end that fast because of our project. Its really killing me and my classmates. For it is really hard to make a system for a certain company. Phew! I hope this will end soon. I'm already tired.huhu T_T

05 March 2008

Bad Credit Loans

Are you in need of credit card yet you have a bad credit? Well this is might your lucky day. Visit Bad Credit Loans now and you can find out what credit card companies can give you a credit line. Basically, they help you find the best credit cards for bad credit that doesn't have big payments, which means they help you to borrow money that you can easily pay.

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